Our Review of Harry Reid Las Vegas Airport (LAS)

Our Review of Harry Reid Las Vegas Airport (LAS)

At Plan Your Trips, we have analyzed hundreds of airports around the world, gaining a clear understanding of what users expect when visiting an airport. With this know-how, we have created this guide, placing passengers at the forefront of everything, aiming to simplify and enhance the airport experience.

In this Guide,our goal is to present information in a manner that is both quick and reliable. Recognizing that passengers often have limited time and may be in a hurry, we strive to ensure that they do not waste time unnecessarily.

Another key focus of our guide is to highlight the strengths of the airport and also the weaknesses, and in some cases, offer recommendations to travelers. In alignment with this approach, we provide users with aggregated information on delays and on-time performance, analyzing both airlines and individual flights.

Pros and Cons of Harry Reid Las Vegas Airport (LAS)


Uniqueness and best enterteinment: In this Airport passengers will find services, areas and amenities, as well as its atmosphere, that are impossible to find in any other airport in the world: shops, music or art. It is truly unique. Have you ever seen machine slots at the Airport?

Close Location: Las Vegas Airport is located just 8 km from downtown. Easy and quick to get there.
Important hub in USA: One of the biggests airports in the country, it offers countless routes to important cities around America.

Modern and Open Facilities: The airport is known for its light and open spaces inside the Airport, making the passengers very comfortable while waiting for their flight.


Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 not connected: Passengers should be aware that Terminals 1 and 3 are not interconnected post-security. So it is very important to check which terminal is the flight departing from.

Seasonal Overcrowding: The airport experiences substantial congestion during tourist seasons, resulting in longer queues and a more chaotic atmosphere.

Not Enough International connections: Even though it is one of the most importants airports in the world, there is still some lack of international connections to it.

Poor Dining Options: LAS is known for having a bad selection of places to eat.

Mini-Guide of the Airport (2' Guide)

- There are two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.It is important to check from which terminal operates each airline as terminals are quite far one from another. Each of these terminals have its parking options and transportation options too.

- Transport to and from Las Vegas: LAS Airport is connected through private transfers, hotel shuttles, taxi, airport tram, city shuttles and public bus options. Take into consideration that best options are transfers or taxi. Also, renting a car.

- Check-in Areas: Check-in areas in Las Vegas Airport are located just inside the main buildings at the terminals.

Terminal 1: The check-in area is located on the first level.

Terminal 3, check-in is on the first level.

- LAS is a shopping&entertainment airport destination: there are lots of luxury shopping brands, art, music, slot machines. Passengers will not get bored at Las Vegas Airport.

- There is a huge selection of lounges available at both terminal in LAS, as well as fitness and spa options.

How we calculate On Time Performance

Some Stats

Annual Passengers Evolution

Airlines with more flight operations (last 3 months)

Southwest Airlines

37% (Total flights analyzed: 21357)


10% (Total flights analyzed: 6007)

Delta Air Lines

7% (Total flights analyzed: 4211)

United Airlines

6% (Total flights analyzed: 3679)

American Airlines

6% (Total flights analyzed: 3383)

Airlines with best on-time performance at Las Vegas Airport (last 3 months)

Considering all airlines:

Viva Aerobus

94% (Total flights analyzed: 190)

Virgin Atlantic

92% (Total flights analyzed: 177)


92% (Total flights analyzed: 104)


92% (Total flights analyzed: 255)

Copa Airlines

91% (Total flights analyzed: 64)

Avelo Airlines

90% (Total flights analyzed: 117)

Considering only airlines with more than 10 flights/week:

Viva Aerobus

94% (Total flights analyzed: 190)


92% (Total flights analyzed: 255)

Virgin Atlantic

92% (Total flights analyzed: 177)

Hawaiian Airlines

83% (Total flights analyzed: 340)

Delta Air Lines

81% (Total flights analyzed: 4211)

Flair Airlines

81% (Total flights analyzed: 344)

United Airlines

79% (Total flights analyzed: 3679)


79% (Total flights analyzed: 6007)

Allegiant Air

78% (Total flights analyzed: 1895)

Routes with more flights from Las Vegas Airport (last month)

Los Angeles - LAX (United States of America): 932
Denver - DEN (United States of America): 809
Phoenix - PHX (United States of America): 636
Burbank - BUR (United States of America): 589
Dallas - DFW (United States of America): 557
San Diego - SAN (United States of America): 555
Seattle - SEA (United States of America): 551
San Francisco - SFO (United States of America): 530
Chicago - ORD (United States of America): 497
Santa Ana - SNA (United States of America): 473