Las Vegas Airport Taxi

Get within 15 minutes to downtown Las Vegas from LAS Airport. 

Taxi service is regulated by Nevada Taxicab Authority.

Taxi is a great way to move around. Get in 15 minutes to downtown Las Vegas.

Taxi 2 Las Vegas Airport
Taxi line at Las Vegas Airport.

Taxi Location

Taxi 1 Las Vegas Airport
Taxi stop at Las Vegas Airport.

Terminal 1: Outside door exits 1-4.

Terminal 3: Outside Level 0.

Taxicabs are also available from McCarran Rent-A-Car Center.

Taxi Companies

The taxi cab services are regulated by Nevada Taxicab Authority.

See the available taxi companies at Las Vegas Airport:

- Cab Taxi: +1 702-369-5686
- Yellow Checker Star: +1 702-873-2000
- Deluxe Taxicab service: +1 702-568-7700
- Desert Cab Inc.: +1 702-386-9102
- Lucky Cab Company: +1 702-477-7555
- Western Cab Company: +1 702-736-8000
- Nellis Cab Company: +1 702-248-1111
- Whittlesea/Henderson: +1 702-384-6111

Service 24/7.

Taxi 3 Las Vegas Airport
Taxis at LAS. 

Taxi Fares

There is a $2 charge on all fares originating at Las Vegas Airport.

- Bellagio: $21.95
- Flamingo: $19.75
- Palace Station: $27.63
- Riviera: $26.80

Fares are approximate, check more information here.

The maximum number of passengers allowed in any cab is six, including children.


Lyft and Uber are available in Las Vegas Airport.

In order to ask for a car, it is needed to download them first to the smartphone.


Terminal 1: Level 2 of the parking garage.

Terminal 3: Valet level of the parking garage.


If you wish to transfer to and from Las Vegas Airport on your own, there are several transfer companies available within the airport premises.

Book a transfer at Las Vegas Airport