Transport to and from Las Vegas McCarran Airport

See as follows the available means of transportation to and from Las Vegas McCarran Airport:



Inter-terminal transportation


Inter-terminal Shuttle


At Las Vegas Airport it is available an inter-terminal shuttle that connects both terminals 1 and 3. Inter-terminal shuttles run every 15 minutes approximately.




- Terminal 1 - Level 0, taking the pedestrian crosswalk toward the covered parking garage.


- Terminal 3 - Level 0, in the center of the curb.


Tram (People Mover inside terminals)

The Blue Line runs between Terminal 1 (Level 2) and D Gates (Level Zero).

The Green Line runs between Terminal 1 (Level 2) and C Gates (Level 2).

The Red Line runs between Terminal 3 (Level Zero) and D Gates (Level Zero).





At both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 of Las Vegas Airport stop at their ground level the following bus routes:


- Route 108 to Paradise

- Route 109 to Maryland Parkway

- Westcliff Airport Express (WAX)

- Centennial Express (CX)


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Shuttle Bus


Find in Las Vegas Airport several shuttle bus services to and from hotels and resorts.


On the other hand, inter-city shuttles are also available to other destinations such as Searchlight, Lake Havasu City, Kingman, etc.


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Get within 15 minutes to downtown Las Vegas.


Taxi ranks are located at the level zero of both terminals.


For trips from the airport there is a $2.00 charge.


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Car rental

Check here the different options that do you have to rent a vehicle at Las Vegas Airport